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Welcome to my website. This electronic link to the world has been an effective way of communicating for many years now, and I thank you for coming to visit and use the posted resources. It has been gratifying to see my website highlighted in journal articles and used by government groups, particularly related to the measures. However, there is always room for improvement, so the new site was launched in early 2013, with many new features.

The measures section was completely reorganized, according to families of measures.  Everything related to a measure or set of measures has been brought together. If you translate or adapt one of our measures, please send it to webmaster Carrie Geremia.

  Visiting the Be Activ India team: IPEN Adolescent in Chennai
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Read the Designed to Move: Active Cities Report here
IPEN at ISBNPA in Edinburg, Scotland
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2015 Publications (so far)...
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2014 Publications List

We will have more frequent updates through blogs and photos of recent events, which you'll find in the 'Latest News' section to the right. I have a habit of taking photos, and I would like to share some of them. You'll find a slideshow at the bottom of this page that you can click on to access the whole album. There are two main groups of photos. I want to pay tribute to colleagues and collaborators by posting photos taken through the years. The other photos will be of places that might tell us something about creating spaces that invite physical activity--or not.

We will continue to post my publications, organized by both project and topic. Because I get behind on categorizing them, we are going keep the list up to date by posting citations right away in blog posts, and we'll also contain citations of "in press" papers.

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  James Sallis on the Thomson-Reuter list of the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014
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  IPEN/ISBNPA Week in San Diego
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Agita Mundo

> ASAP: Accelerating School Activity Promotion
> BEAT Institute: Built Environment Assessment Training > CicloSDias, Open Streets in San Diego > IPEN: The International Physical Activity and the Environment Network
> MeterPlus
> National Plan for Physical Activity > NQLS: Neighborhood Quality of Life Study  
> NIK: Neighborhood Impact on Kids Project > > Santech, Inc.  
> Student Research Assistant YouTube Channel > SPARK: Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids > TEAN: Teen Environment and Neighborhood Study  


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